Despite the torrential rain, we had a great turnout at Maggiano’s for our August luncheon. Chief Derek Barrs of Florida Highway Patrol spoke on ELDs, hours of service, new regulations and laws, automated vehicles, unmanned vehicles, platooning, and new Florida highways in the works. It was an interesting speech with many questions from the crowd.

We had 17 guests who we hope will join our great organization and become active.

Prior to this month’s meeting, transportation attorney Kelsea Eckert was voted onto the board and given the task of event planning.

One of her first duties was to take a survey of the types of speakers and events our members would like to see. The results are fascinating and many people are interested in having a more active role within the club.

There will be a happy hour meeting at River City Brewing on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. for anyone interested in possibly becoming a board member.

We welcome all to attend. Thanks for being part of TCJAX!

Written by Kelsea Eckert | TCJAX Board Member |